Seminar – Business Formations – GBS

GBS Organized A Panel Discussion Session on “Transformation of GIFT into an Entrepreneurial University: Challenges and Opportunities”

GIFT Business School organized a panel discussion entitled “Transformation of GIFT into an Entrepreneurial University: Challenges and Opportunities”. Dr. Ameer A. Basit, Dean of GIFT Business School moderated the session. The panel comprised Dr. Qaiser S. Durrani (Dean ORIC), Dr. Asir Ajmal (Dean School of Arts & Social Sciences), Dr. Ziyad Nayyer (Dean School of Engineering and Applied Sciences), and Dr. Ghulam Abbas (Professor School of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture). The discussants shared their views on the concept of ‘entrepreneurial’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ in the university and higher education context and discussed how these concepts can be applied across a wide variety of degree programs. The discussants explored various challenges and opportunities of this transformation. A large number of faculty members attended the session and demonstrated active participation in the discussion by asking thought-provoking questions.