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GBS Hosted First-Ever Interdisciplinary Research Conference (GIFT ICON 2022)

GIFT University holds the first-ever interdisciplinary research conference (GIFT ICON 2022) on June 3rd, 2022. GIFT Business School hosted the conference and its Dean, Dr. Ameer A. Basit, chaired it. The underlying philosophy of this interdisciplinary conference is to create a collegial space where all faculty members of GIFT University come together to learn from each other and collectively reflect on the complex issues of Pakistan that require interdisciplinary perspectives for their long-term solutions.  A number of papers were presented on the themes of (1) Business, Environment, and Well-Being, (2) History, Fashion, Media, and Education, and (3) Sports, Health, and Religion. At this historic event, Dr. Qaiser S. Durrani, Dean of ORIC, and the Deans of other schools were also present. The event was facilitated by the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization.