Seminar – Business Formations – GBS

GBS Conducted "IDEA THON 2022"

The GIFT Business School in collaboration with the Society of Finance and Accounting Scholars organized IDEA THON – 2022 on October 6, 2022. Prospective BBA graduates exhibited their entrepreneurial prowess and brought forward their business ideas. A multitude of business ideas was presented, covering a vast array of fields. The projects encapsulated the ideals of modern entrepreneurship i.e sustainability, innovation, and affordability.

Each of the student groups then an in-depth presentation of their projects to the judges and a thorough analysis of the viability of the proposed projects was conducted. The presentation was followed by an Elevator Pitch Competition in which each of the 10 teams was allowed to pitch their idea within 3 minutes. The student groups went to great lengths to effectively summarise and present their ideas in a short span of time.

The panel of judges constituted the top brass of The GIFT University’s faculty. Considering the quality of the projects, they did indeed have a difficult task at hand, and in the end, Team Tuff Planet rose above its contemporaries and was judged to be the winner.


IDEA THON 2022 was the manifestation of GIFT University’s motto of “converting knowledge into practical experience”. Each of the participants displayed great business acumen and their efforts were admirable. SFAS has the distinct honor of always being at the forefront of organizing such events to provide GIFT university’s students with an opportunity to express themselves and acquire evermore knowledge.