Alumni Testimonials

If I have to state the factor that completely transformed myself from a pessimistic, isolated and unsuccessful individual to an optimistic, socialized individual, who is now on the track to success, then it is the culture of and people associated with GIFT University. My friends and teachers of GIFT University helped me in identifying my true potential and ignited a spark in me to achieve the best. During my journey at GIFT, I developed the entrepreneurial spirit, a set of soft and hard skills and; most importantly, networking skills, which helped me in winning the Turkish Government Scholarship for Master’s Degree, hold 100% financial assistance offer from LUMS to pursue Master’s Degree, and winning the incubation for our startup idea at Plan9, Punjab Government’s tech incubator. I am always a great admirer of the student facilitation centric policies and culture of GIFT University. All of what I have achieved so far is mainly because of GIFT’s community, along with my family support. I also acknowledge the fact and believe that GIFT has to go very long.

Usama Sarfraz
Founder of,
Masters Student at Pamukkale University, Turkey (Turkish Language Course in Progress),
MPhil Scholar at GIFT

GIFT Business School really helped me build a foundation on which I could launch a very fulfilling career. Among the top-level professors, the support of my friends and the administration, I feel that this program equipped me for success, not just in the short term, but for a long time to come. GIFT’s socializing and supportive culture is its hallmark. One such example includes the vibrant societies of GIFT and I had the opportunity to serve Management Scholars Forum as General Secretary, where I polished my communication, socializing & time management skills and learned how the team effectively works. I owe GBS so much and I am confident that those students who will capitalize on opportunities at GIFT, will be rewarded with the best for the rest of their lives.

Mahnoor Tabish
Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA)
Designation: Universal Banker at Allied Bank Limited

GIFT University has lived up to its joyous name by offering me the most incredible journey towards growth and success, which has led up to a promising “present”! The dynamic supervision of my professors and seniors encouraged me to explore my potential to the fullest. The best part, perhaps, is that one continues to be inspired constantly by what has been taught with love and care, as every students’ future is a commitment GIFT deems to fulfill.


Bilal Arshad
Area Sales Manager PepsiCo
MBA - Spring 2007, Mphil - Fall 2015

GIFT University has a state of the art campus where I have spent my 2 years of educational career. I found this university the best in terms of modern education system, case–based study, best teaching and administrative staff, and state of the art infrastructure. GIFT provides students a professional environment by arranging different development programs, which improve their interpersonal skills.



Arslan Rasheed
Assistant Manager Trade Marketing, English Biscuits Manufacturers
MBA (Banking and Finance) Fall 200

A visionary institute that started serving the society, when others criticized. An initiative that brought hope for the future. Not just depicting the name, as “Gujranwala Institute of Future Technology”, but showing it in a practical approach. It plays a vital role in bridging the gap between industry and academia. Last but not the least is about care for the alumni. I wrote the words, mentioned above.

Thank you GIFT for making me what I am.


Abdul Wadood
Manager CSC, CM Pak.
Batch: MBA Fall-09

I feel Honored , I feel at the top of the world , I feel empowered , I feel motivated and self-sufficient , I feel proud of my decision to select GIFT University for my higher studies. It’s my dream to be a part of a Multinational Company. Today, I proudly share that I am the Sales Executive of one of the top beverage companies, Coca Cola-CCI, in Sialkot. The classroom learning facilities, corporate projects, seminars, workshops, PDP & Case study methodology; all together, helped me to perform my corporate duties exceptionally. It helped me to stand out personally among the top performers of Coca Cola CCI Pakistan.

Proud Part of GIFT Alumni!

Field Sales Executive, COCA COLA-CCI

As I was nearing my retirement, I had an option to opt for a master’s degree, which I found as a good opportunity to fulfill my lifelong dream to get an MBA degree. Hence, I enrolled in GIFT Business School. My experience here, undoubtedly, turned out to be amazing and I got to explore my business skills at GIFT. I believe GIFT has polished my personality even more and has encouraged me to push my limits with utmost dedication and desire to fly high in the field of business.


Javed Iqbal
Lt. Colonel, Pakistan Army
MBA Executive | 2018 - 2020

Being in the Pharma field for nearly 8 years, and working as sales manager in a reputed pharmaceutical company, I felt the need to know the nitty-gritty details of sales & marketing. Therefore, I chose the MBA executive program at GIFT. And, to my expectations, GIFT Business School has reshaped my business behavior and has refined my skills. Now that I am working as a pharmacist in Govt. sector, I feel more empowered to handle the sales and marketing domain. The faculty and staff at GIFT are exceptionally skilled and proficient. The overall behavior is also quite professional and disciplined.

Dr. Nabeel Akhtar
Pharmacist, Major Shabir Shaheed Hospital, Kunjah.
MBA Executive | 2018 - 2020

To study at GIFT University was a great experience and valuable addition to my knowledge due to competent and qualified faculty members and the work done with students of diversified fields. The MBA Executive program is a great platform for students, having different learning and working experiences, according to their fields. 


Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil), GEPCO, Gujranwala
MBA Executive | 2019 - 2021

My time here at GIFT has been a splendid mix of great learning experiences, a lot more refined skills, and a great deal of empowerment. GIFT’s proficient faculty has played a vital role in enabling me to achieve excellence and brilliance. MBA Executive degree from GIFT Business School has changed my perspective in a positive and exhilarating way. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at GIFT.

Executive Officer (Inventory), Unilever Pakistan Limited
MBA Executive | 2019 - 2021

I’m currently working at Nestle Pakistan as Regional Sales Manager, and I graduated being a member of the MBA Fall 2011 batch. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I looked for opportunities within the Gujranwala region for an HEC-recognized, quality primary education. I discovered it is more desirable at GIFT University than I might just initially be searching around. With its dynamic faculty continually inspiring me to think outside the box, challenging coursework, and exciting campus life, this University has ended up turning me into a professional, who can perform in leading global industries with candidates from other top-tier educational institutions. This institution succeeded in bringing me real-time business challenges and avenues to look for prospects embedded in those hurdles by providing the best academic environment and practical approach and converting our knowledge into experience. I cherish the everlasting friendships I have made during my university time, the most. It is where I found my tribe and made memories that I will continue to treasure forever.

Muhammad Taimur Idrees
Regional Sales Manager, Nestlé Pakistan Limited

The previous years at GIFT University have progressively advanced in infusing the students with the knowledge, experience, and all the organizational qualities required to succeed in the modern professional world. GIFT University’s Faculty and Corporate Department left no stone unturned to facilitate us in achieving our goals. I am thankful that it provided me a forum to drive myself and realize the real potential hidden within me. Not only have these past four years helped me broaden my business and management perspectives, but I also continued to discover more about the practical aspects of business management.

Mr. Saad Iftikhar
Managing Director at Marian Hotel

I did my BBA from GIFT University. I had a very wonderful educational experience at GIFT University. The methods of teaching and innovative style of education, which is utilized at GIFT University, made learning easier and interesting for me. I believe that theoretical education means nothing unless it is applied to practical learning outcomes. At GIFT University, I learned how to put all the theoretical education into my practical work. The BBA Program at GIFT is very practice oriented, which developed a very practical attitude in my working style, which I still have today. GIFT University not only polished my education, but the environment at GIFT also polished my personality. I owe my successful career to GIFT University. 

Mr. Dastgir Butt
CEO (Sonex Cookware)

GIFT University, the name is a brand itself, and still, after graduation, we are closely associated and connected with it. GIFT is the only institution in the Gujranwala region that prudently fosters everyone to excel in different fields. The institution having crystal clear vision to shape us to perfection facilitated us with the competent faculty whose devotion and encouragement went above, perhaps beyond expectations. The time we spent in this institution was an excellent opportunity we have had in our lives, which is still valuable. The knowledge and transformation of skills to become successful today were what I got in the time I spent at GIFT University.

Mr. Junaid Sarfraz
CEO at Virjee Foods & Virjee Enterprises (Nestle Distributor)

GIFT Business School at GIFT University helped me in achieving my dream of exploring foreign culture and knowledge by allowing me to go to the United Kingdom through its Third UK Tour. GBS further extended its support by helping me secure a place in an MPhil program in Global Business and Digital Arts from one of the top Canadian institutes, the University of Waterloo.

With this opportunity, I will be able to enhance not only my education and let me become business-oriented, but the culturally diverse and accepting country of Canada will be an experience that will help me to overall become a better member of the society.

Shuneem Sarfraz

GIFT Business School, at GIFT University, helped me in realizing my potential as an inspiring business professional. As a leading student of Accounting and Finance, I was able to secure a place in the Global UGRAD Cultural Exchange Semester Scholarship. The fully funded scholarship, by the Government of the United States, allowed me to spend time in the country learning more about my field of interest.

During my time in the U.S., I learned more than just about accounting and finance. I was exposed to a diverse range of cultures and communities that make up the country. I thank GBS, at GIFT University, that enabled me to experience and gain knowledge that not only helped me grow as a professional, but as a person as well.

Zeeshan Ali

My journey from Gujranwala, Pakistan, to Birmingham, UK, would not have been possible without GIFT University. I completed my M.Com and MBA Degree successfully from GIFT University, which provided me a strong base for my career aspirations. GIFT University always goes the extra mile to help and support students in every way. All the members of staff and administration are very kind and professional. The teaching and training provided at GIFT University prepares the students for every challenge in their future lives, be it pursuing a career in their relevant fields, or continuing higher education in specific subject areas. Their new collaborations with global educational institutions and their international relations with foreign universities from the UK, USA, Turkey, and many others, have in real terms, opened new doors of future possibilities for current and prospective students in Pakistan. The efforts of GIFT University alumni have immensely helped shape the lives of students from rural and urban areas in and around Gujranwala and the province of Punjab. I thank all my peers and GBS, who helped me through all my queries and provided me with a step-by-step guide, because of which I am currently studying at Birmingham City University, UK.

Junaid Amjad
Birmingham City University, UK

No matter where we are or what we are doing in life, we are always developing applicable and imperative skills that can be utilized throughout our lives. But I am still passionate about traveling and self-development, and that is how I believe a business student should be. Therefore, for observing cultural diversity, I opted to learn an Executive MBA from the University of Greenwich, based in the world’s cultural capital, London.

Through my Executive MBA studies at the University of Greenwich, I hope to gain the skills required to manage organizational structures and resources and make and implement strategic decisions proficiently. I am obliged to GBS GIFT University for helping me to realize my career dreams!

Arsalan Khalid Cheema
University of Greenwich, UK

My interest in business and love for calculations influenced me to choose a business school at GIFT University, as they were offering a unique degree that focuses on both areas of my interest, and also helped me to polish my skills and abilities. The University management guided me not only during my studies, but also after my graduation. The GBS enabled me to achieve my future goals as it was my dream to get a master’s degree from a foreign university, which became possible with the help and guidance provided by them. I scored admission in one of the UK’s best business schools, which has been awarded as the TEF Gold for their work and excellence. This opportunity helped to enhance my knowledge, learn things from an utterly diversified culture, and have high exposure in business.

Talha Haider
University of Hertfordshire, UK

It was such a great experience with GIFT University. The greatest benefit was much more than the “piece of paper” that I received at the end. It was the confidence it gave me to pursue, accept and win the challenges in practical life. During the education tenure, GIFT University provided me the platform to collaborate and work with national and multinational organizations, such as Pakistan International Airlines, Coca Cola Pakistan, etc. Thanks to the faculty of the MBA program, I know I have the tools to be a successful and ethical leader.

Kashif Majeed
Section Head (Area Sales Manager), Abu Dawood Trading Company Pvt. LTD. (Procter & Gamble)
MBA Fall 2011

My experience, at GIFT University, has been extremely good. My skill level and knowledge both have improved a lot after taking admission at GIFT University because the courses, teachers, and quality of lectures are so good and professional, which helps me to grow professionally. Now, my aim is to become a successful businessman in future and I am looking forward to applying all the theories in my practical life, which I have studied over the years.

Abdul Rehman Tahir
Managing Director @ Tahir silk industry
Batch: MBA Fall 2019

I have absolutely loved my experience at GIFT University, Gujranwala, which has played a vital role in my personal and professional grooming. Along with academic progression, the institute has given me enough capability to excel efficiently in my profession. I can assuredly say that GIFT University is a place where you can get ample knowledge, learning and exposure in numerous fields. I can proudly say that GIFT University was the best choice I made in 2008.

Muhammad Sadam Sajid
Marketing Executive, Pharmion Pvt. LTD. Islamabad
MBA Fall 2008

Studying Masters in Business Administrations, at GIFT University, is turning into a wonderful experience, despite having a Non-Business background. With each day passing, GIFT University is emerging better and better in terms of educational standards and even the administration, which is pleasing to refer to, may it be faculty’s updated professional/ subject knowledge, interactive learning, curriculum handling and completion or dealing administrative issues, especially during the COVID outbreak, being some of the phenomenal achievements. I really like and appreciate the way GIFT University is run professionally and the guidance students receive via Students Portal services. 

Minhaj Qazi
Masters in Business Administrations Spring 2020 Session

Time at GIFT University has been the most memorable one, GIFT University is truly a personality development institute, as it enables you to grow via different student development programs (academia) & exposure to industry.  I really enjoyed studying at GIFT, as the case-study method enables the opportunity to explore real-world functioning of organization in true context. I have got my first break in my professional career through their career development program. GIFT is one of the best business schools in the region.

Hamza Saeed
Territory Sales Executive, Organization Tapal
MBA Batch Fall 11

GIFT Business School is one of the best with modern facilities in the region. The time I spent at GIFT University has given me the confidence to achieve milestones in my professional and political career.

Saad Jamil Irfani
Dep. Secretary-General- Insaf Youth Wing-PTI
Chief Executive @ Diamond Interiors

The Stainless Steel import industry of Pakistan is highly competitive and it requires a perfect entrepreneur with multiple skills to compete in this industry.

The GIFT Business School is an outstanding place for entrepreneur development. In its bachelor’s program, I got experience of all the aspects of a business with real-time industrial data during my studies, which prepared me well to work in the tough business environment. GBS gave me skills to strengthen my business and to utilize opportunities in the industry for my business.

I very much enjoyed my experience at GIFT University. I feel honored that I’m a graduate of GIFT Business School.

Owner at "Falcon Metals", Co-owner at "Makkah Traders"

We all learn throughout our life, and GIFT University has been the foundation of my learning journey. The BBA (Hons) program here enabled me to unlock my skills in critical thinking. It fostered me with competencies needed for business as well as for the professional environment. It empowered me to see through the eye of capturing opportunities. After I graduated from GIFT University, I started my business of a retail-based model, ChenOne. This degree taught me ways of doing business and the spark of converting my interest into a passion. It improved my communication and leadership skills and class presentations refined my speaking skills. Moreover, Interactive interviews with corporations allowed me to learn and see the world through a different aspect. I was honored to head the society Management Scholars Forum, and more importantly, I am proud to be a part of GIFT University. The confidence I got from teachers here was the best part of my academic life.

Muhammad Ahmed Hafeez
Franchise owner of ChenOne
Batch Spring 2016

As a student in the GIFT University’s Business Administration program, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of quantitative approaches in my work. The instructors in each course were highly skilled and patient. I would highly recommend this program.

Tayyab Javed
Relationship Manager, Chartered Charted Bank, Pakistan

It is my pleasure that I have studied in GIFT University for my MBA studies. The level of professionalism shown by the teachers and staff is remarkable. I have enjoyed my time here learning and developing new skills, which I believe, I am ready to practice in the industry.

Usman Ishaq
Managing Director, Phulkari by Taana Baana

It is a pleasure to write testimonials for GIFT Business School. I feel it is important to analyze the educational experience from the perspective of an alumni, who have walked the walk and reaped the results of studying at GIFT University. If I look back today after spending years in practical life, I can confidently vouch for the overall teaching methodology at GIFT. A good university teaches you and gives you the knowledge you seek but a GREAT university grooms, enables and empowers by giving you the lifelong tools required to survive in the practical and personal life. GIFT University is GREAT University for me.

We, as students, often do not realize the importance of personal skills and practical experience while studying. These are as important as learning in the classroom. These are the values that will set you apart from the crowd and I thank GIFT University for equipping me with these skills. 

My time at GIFT University was a memorable one for many reasons. I learnt a tremendous amount, gained interesting perspectives on business and economic challenges, and I was able to develop a range of personal skills that are vital for success e.g., organization, teamwork, communication, result orientation and attention to detail etc.

Studying can put a lot of pressure, it can be boring and tiring but GIFT gives you the environment and culture that brings the best out of a person. It is a great place for everyone, no matter what background and culture you belong to.

Umer Farooq
Senior Financial Accountant at Buildxact Software Limited
Principal & Director at AnalytIQ Accountants (Chartered Accountants)
MSc Accounting & Finance (GIFT) CA (AUS), MIPA AFA (AUS)

During the year 2004, getting admission in MSc. Accounting & Finance, at GIFT University, was a turning point in my educational and professional career. With all the right course contents, methodologies and teaching skills; Business School (then School of Accounting & Finance) not only enhanced my skills and knowledge, but also gave me confidence to compete with other professionals of higher qualifications in the similar field.

I started my professional career in 2006 as an Accounts Manager in an Audit Firm, and also have the honor of delivering lectures at graduation level in Punjab University’s Gujranwala Campus (PUGC), as a visiting faculty during the year 2006 and 2007. Later in 2007, I moved to Oman for better opportunities and started working as an Admin and Finance Manager in a private company. Currently, I am working as a Finance Manager in a Semi-Government organization, which is one of the biggest agriculture development projects in Oman.

During my time at GIFT University, I not only made some amazing friends, but also was fortunate enough to get to know teachers that brought discipline to my personality and taught me work ethics and professionalism. That is the key to my success and I will forever be grateful to them.

Sherjeel Ahmed Toor
Finance Manager, Government Employee Sultanate of Oman
MSc. Accounting and Finance

It is a great honor and pleasure for me to have attained my master’s degree from this prestigious university i.e. GIFT University. It is, undoubtedly, an exceptional university, with a bunch of extraordinary teachers having impeccable and unique skills and advanced methods of teaching. This university and its faculty taught us to face challenges and excel in our professional fields, using obtained knowledge during our degree program. It really helped me a lot in achieving several milestones in my professional career. I highly recommend the young generation to take maximum benefit of this particular university, which is not less than a blessing in our vicinity.

Usman Farhat
Assistant Vice President (Credit Manager) The Bank of Khyber, Daska
MSc. Accounting and Finance

GIFT University was really a gift for me. It is difficult to jot down all my learning experience of GIFT in few lines. GIFT has enhanced my skills and has been the key driving factor in helping me establish a professional behavior at the workplace. GIFT has given me practical experience of time management, work management, stress management, and public speaking skills. In addition, SFAS was a whole experience in itself. Faculty Staff of GIFT is commendable. My teachers polished me and made me something which people say “Professional” today.

Waleed Raza
Accounts Officer, Mughal Steel
MSc. Accounting and Finance Fall 17

My life at GIFT was worth-praising. It discovered my inner abilities and made me a good and independent citizen, who knows her rights and responsibilities. My last four years at GIFT taught me the skill of creating a perfect balance between curricular and co-curricular activities. The environment at GIFT is such that it not only assists the students in handling the academic rigor, but also provides fun activities for students’ well-being. I took full advantage of this environment and managed to attain the top position in my batch and also successfully grabbed the presidency of our departmental society, SFAS (Society of Finance and Accounting Scholars). I am forever thankful to the faculty and management at GIFT that has transformed me into a more confident person, to pursue my future education and professional goals. The memories I made here, I will cherish forever.

Neha Naghman
BS (Accounting and Finance) 2016-2020

I’m currently working as an established corporate lawyer. My time in GIFT University has been about learning beyond the classroom boundary. I became the first President of the departmental society namely SFAS (Society of Finance and Accounting Scholars). I got a chance to lead industrial exhibitions for Gujranwala Business Center at Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce for two consecutive years. During my presidency, I got to experience the practical side of business knowledge that includes marketing, internal management, event management, human resource management etc. By arranging seminars and workshops, inviting motivational speakers and industry leaders, organizing numerous recreational and industrial visits and various other extracurricular activities, I got to learn how to take work pressure, arrange and manage the resources, and get things done from the team, while keeping them all happy and motivated. What a learning and grooming experience it has been! Words fell short to express my gratitude towards my Alma mater. Proud to be a part of the GIFT family!

Nawazish Ali
Corporate Advocate, Gujranwala
MSc. Accounting & Finance

I am now the owner of Airy Foods Private limited. Every day brings in new business challenges for me and every day I find solutions to them. And thank God, I found the solutions. I would like to give the credit to my learning experience at GIFT. I did my in Accounting and Finance, where I managed to learn and practice different business managerial tricks and financial tactics, which now helps me a great deal to manage and promote my business efficiently. GIFT has been an enlightening experience and I cherish all the quality time spent in the institution.

Malik Sufyan
Entrepreneur and Owner at Airy Foods Private
MSc. Accounting and Finance

My journey at GIFT University has been a lively one. Studying at GIFT was really an amazing experience for me. I would definitely recommend its excellent teaching quality as well as its environment. Theoretical and practical knowledge taught by highly experienced lecturers allowed me to advance my potential in my passion and goals. The staff and management at GIFT is extremely cooperative. GIFT also encourages students to enhance their leadership skills through different projects. The hands-on learning experience, provided through their well-prepared courses, has equipped me well and enhanced my confidence level. I would highly recommend GIFT to students for further studies.

Asfand Yar
Msc. Accounting and Finance Session Spring 17

My university experience this far has been amazing. I have learnt and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. 

The GIFT University environment is friendly and supportive. In addition, the commendable faculty and the teaching methodologies adopted by them have given me a life-time set of skills and confidence. I am currently working for United Bank Limited as a Relationship Manager, which at times is a stressful job. But, GIFT to the rescue, as the rigor I got there has trained me to manage such workplace challenges. The GIFT University degree has surely helped me in achieving my goals. Last but not the least, the café, grounds and atrium, my regards and gratitude to GIFT for giving me amazing memories.

Abdullah Khan
Relationship Manager, United Bank Limited, Gujranwala.
MSc. Accounting & Finance Spring 2017

GIFT University is a great avenue to develop your academic and personal skills. Deciding to choose to continue my degree at GIFT University was definitely a well-made choice. My time in GIFT has been spectacular. What I like about GIFT is its infrastructure and resources. The staff and the lecturers at GIFT provide students the support they need to study comfortably and ensure a pleasant study environment. I have gained many great experiences studying here and many of them challenged me to come out of my comfort zone. My overall integration has been more than pleasant. GIFT has provided me with a platform for personal development. The learning as well as practical experience will definitely help me in my professional life.

Natalia Afzal
MSc. Accounting & Finance Fall 17

My overall experience exceeded my expectations. GIFT University offered me a chance to learn beyond bookish knowledge. It has given me a practical exposure through different academic projects. I will always be grateful for such a resourceful faculty of GIFT University. I have learned a lot and I highly recommend GIFT University to the knowledge seekers out there.

MSc. Accounting n Finance Fall '17

In our society of some extremely capable institutions springing up, GIFT University has been more of a figure, like the light guiding you towards your optimum, this place takes control of you, deciphering where your aptitudes lay and then moving with you into polishing it for a better tomorrow.

The Faculty of GIFT is highly supportive and well-driven for the betterment of its students. 

Studying at GIFT University brought an added value to my life and degree. The GIFT community is so inclusive and welcoming, with ample opportunities for extra-curricular activities and functions. I’ve made life-long friends and memories here, and it will always hold a very special place in my heart.

MSc. Accounting and Finance Fall 2017

GIFT University, for a reason, is one of the best universities of Pakistan and, undoubtedly, the top university in the region. The way our faculty keeps the balance between the bookish knowledge and practical experience is matchless. The university and, especially the departmental societies, are yet another platform to practice that has been learnt in the classroom environment. The state of the art equipment used for the facilitation of students is unmatchable besides that the campus life at GIFT is very diverse. I am and forever will be grateful to Team-GIFT for imparting in me the valuable things that will help me to achieve my goals. GIFT University – Thank you for the memories.

Hamza Maqsood
BS Accounting and Finance 2016-20

I am proud to get a degree from GIFT University. It gave me a distinctive platform and a lot of great advantages. I have acquired many valuable abilities over the course of this two year’s degree, which I am sure will help me succeed in the real world and my own personal development. The faculty is dedicated professionally and provides students with individual support and assistance, when required. The time period I spent at GIFT allowed me to explore many opportunities. My teachers helped me polish my skills and abilities that will surely assist in my career development.

Sadia Nasir
MSc. Accounting and Finance Session 2017 – 2 019