Engaging with industry to address its changing workforce and developmental needs.

Executive Training

We provide training to managers and junior employees in the areas of leadership, supply chain management, human resource management, marketing, accounting, finance, and technology. These trainings improve their professional competencies and help them and their employers grow together.


Our students complete a minimum 9 weeks of internship in diverse organizations, every year. The objective of this program is to expose students to the real functioning of organizations. The internees spend time in different work units and actively participate in work activities.

Job Placements

We connect our graduating students with industry through recruitment drives and industry expos at the campus. They take employment tests and interviews and get a chance to pursue their careers in organizations of their interests. This program provides a great opportunity to the organizations to find the right fit for their employment needs.

Research and Development

Our faculty and students engage with industry through different research projects, aimed at solving various management challenges of organizations. The bi-directional flow of ideas between the business school and industry opens many avenues for both parties to promote innovation and evidence-based decision making to address the management challenges.

CEO Talks

The top leadership of industry regularly comes to our classrooms and share their experience and developments in their industries. These sessions allow students to see the practical side of their knowledge and prepare them to find their career paths.

Industry Meetups

In Pakistan, universities and industry largely work in isolation. We strongly believe that our organizations and economy can only compete effectively in global markets when our business education is aligned well with the industry needs. The industry meetups bridge this gap by connecting our faculty and students with industry.

Industry Tours

Our students regularly visit manufacturing plants and service organizations to understand how the concepts and theories they learn in their coursework are applied in the real scenario. This program also helps them to identify research topics for their assignments and projects.