BCom (Hons)

Program Description

The Faculty of Accounting and Finance has been instrumental in providing students with thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles of commerce and business.
BCom (Hons) Program encompasses rigorous training involving class presentations, case studies, field research reports and team-based learning. This unique pattern of study helps students in personality development and also prepares them to accept future challenges in the fast-growing corporate world. The successful firms of the future will be those that constantly reinvent themselves. For that reason, our program inculcates student's openness to change and innovation. We take pride in delivering a program that is designed with input from area companies, which infuses information technology into the curriculum.
A blending of wide-ranging business courses creates opportunities for students to pursue diverse areas of interest. Furthermore, social science and humanities courses provide a context for understanding how business is interwoven with the fabric of society. True business leaders must understand how people behave, as individuals and in organizations, to develop new ventures that not only turn a profit, but also add value to the community in socially responsible ways.

Career Prospects

BCom (Hons) degree offers the best career paths for long-term employment, satisfaction, financial rewards, and even international level recognition of qualifications and opportunities to work abroad. Strong focus on accounting makes the graduates highly employable in a large number of sectors as accountants, internal auditors, tax examiner, stockbroker, actuarial analyst, management accountant, and company secretary.
Similarly, a bachelor's degree in commerce is ideal for different fields, as business, banking, investments and financial services. Typical employers include securities and commodities brokers, banks, insurance carriers, government agencies, real estate companies, and trust management.
Commerce professionals can pursue a different higher degree as MBA, CA, ACCA, CIMA, ACMA, CFA, MPhil Economics, and MPhil in Management Sciences after completing graduation.

Program Objectives

The goals of the four-year honors degree program are:
  • To prepare the students for skill development and capacity building in the field of accounting and finance.
  • To equip them with as much as possible knowledge in the relevant areas through theory and practical exposure, which will enable them to perform essential accounting responsibilities and to handle the necessary financial functions.
  • To equip the students with the knowledge and skills of computer technology in accounting and finance for improved decision making.
  • To enable students to evaluate problems and innovations in accounting and finance and their impact on managerial decision making.
  • To make them able for the application of techniques and tools of accounting and finance for evaluation of costs and benefits of strategic decisions.
  • To understand the applications and effects of financial reporting standards, GAAP, and ethical standards in accounting and finance.

Main Features

The program provides:
  • A recognized and accepted program.
  • Qualified faculty committed to excellence and able to relate theory with practice.
  • A curriculum that will develop communication, presentation, interpersonal and technical skills.
  • A wide variety of market–driven specialization options.
  • An environment that will provide a professional, intellectually stimulating, challenging and enjoyable experience.

Program Structure

Structure No of Courses Cr. Hrs
University Core 5 15
Program Core 19 57
Program Elective 3 9
Other Area 12 36
Social Integration Program   3
Corporate Internship   3
Project   6
Total 39 129

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

The University welcomes applications from candidates who have successfully completed up to Grade 12 schooling. The most eligible qualifications and specific criteria for admissions are follows:
  • FSc (Pre-Engineering / Pre-Medical).
  • Intermediate with Arts or General Science or Commerce.
  • Advanced Levels (A' Levels).
  • Any other equivalent grade 12 degree approved by the Ministry of Education.
  • Minimum 45% or equivalent marks in intermediate or equivalent qualification.