Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Program Description

GIFT University is driven by the vision of the founder to develop an Entrepreneurial University and to contribute to the socio-economic uplift of the region and be a role model for Pakistani universities. 

GIFT University is promoting the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ and ‘Converting Knowledge into Practical Experience’. 

The MBA+ of 1.5 years duration is powered with the E+ mindset.

This program is one of its kind and will help you in developing the entrepreneurial leadership skills to make an impact in business, in your community and around the world.

The GIFT MBA+ is based on the award-winning material and content recognized by USASBE (United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship). More than 5000 participants across the country have benefitted from this model.  The MBA+ program will enlighten you with the entrepreneurial mindset (how to work with the least amount of resources), the Effectual theory of entrepreneurship, the method of unleashing the human being’s potential, and the management of money and innovation leading towards the creation and growth of environmentally, socially and ethically sensitive business models. 

The MBA+ Program is based on the Entrepreneurship Plus Model which is a mix of learnings from indigenous (Chinioti, Memon, Saudagran, Mughal and Sheikh) entrepreneurs and international work of researchers at Oxford and Darden Business School, the perspectives of Henry Mintzberg, and research of Clayton Christensen from Harvard Business School. The Entrepreneurial Mindset will be reinforced by the work of Gumusay’s and Miles Davis’s on Abrahamic and Islamic Entrepreneurship. 

This unique program is designed around managerial challenges and mindsets instead of functional silos. The MBA+ focuses on what it means to practice management and every aspect of the program ensures that participants apply what they learn in a real world context.

In the following are the salient features of the MBA+ Program:

  • Powered with the Entrepreneurship Plus Model
  • Focused on building Five Mindsets of managers i.e. Reflective, Analytical, Collaborative, Action Oriented and Worldly
  • Indigenous case studies i.e. Chinioti, Memon, Saudagran Dehli, Sheikh Community, Mughal Community
  • International and Local learning material i.e. HBS, ECCH, Case studies from GIFT, LUMS & IBA
  • Use of experiential learning i.e. simulations, case studies, games, exercises, meetings with managers & entrepreneurs, study visits.
  • Hands on learning experience from industry experts (Professors of Practice)
  • Mentoring and guidance for startup and job placement
  • One week orientation before the start of the program:
    • Reading Skills
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Entrepreneurial Mindset

This program is equivalent to MS/MPhil Management Sciences and the graduates will be eligible for admission in PhD program as per HEC criteria.

Career Prospects

Whether you want to:
  • Start a new venture,
  • Grow your existing venture or family business,
  • or Contribute in existing organizations

In an entrepreneurial way, this MBA program will help you get there.

Our MBA+ graduates are groomed enough to formulate, implement, and evaluate the business-level strategies keeping in mind the multidisciplinary nature of the business and industry. They can analyze various business situations and propose workable solutions to real-life business problems. MBA+ graduates can diagnose the opportunities for entrepreneurial businesses in national as well as global markets. Our graduates are positioned in top national and multinational organizations of Pakistan and the world.

Upon successful completion of the MBA+ program, the graduates would pursue their lucrative careers in business, government, and not-for-profit organizations. They would also be able to have managerial level jobs in public and private sectors, including large-scale business organizations. The graduates would also be able to pursue their career as successful entrepreneurs on the basis of their in-depth knowledge and the practical exposure provided to them in pursuit of an MBA degree.

Program Objectives

GIFT’s Entrepreneurship Plus (E+) methodology prepares you to become an entrepreneurial leader, preparing you to address the challenges of society and business including innovation, growth, sustainability, and globalization. 

Whether you are making an impact within an established organization or starting your own venture, your increased:

  • Khudi (Self-awareness)
  • Azm (Determination)
  • Himmat (Courage)
  • Refined skill set on the E+ principles will allow you to create economic and social value with a spiritual orientation

The aim of this program is to provide an exhaustive, meticulous, and comprehensive management studies program with an in-depth focus on diverse business subjects such as finance, marketing and Human Resources Management. The program gives students strong technical and analytical skills and high moral and ethical values. The program uses modern teaching pedagogy, especially the well-known participant-based learning, to improve decision-making skills, communication skills and leadership potential. The main objectives of the MBA+ program are as follows:

  • To enhance the essential leadership skills and abilities of students.
  • To develop the competencies of the students to broaden their vision.
  • To develop and enhance the decision-making skills and capacities of the students.
  • To enhance the analytical abilities of the students and groom them to deal with the multifaceted business circumstances.
  • To impart students with well-versed entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to enable them to start their own ventures.
  • To prepare the students for understanding the national and global business settings and to equip them with the skills for preparing effective business strategies and plans.

Project Work

The MBA+ program culminates with a comprehensive project worth 6 credit hours. This project provides the students with an opportunity to integrate the knowledge gained in different MBA courses and to apply it to develop a new business proposal or to solve a real life management problem of the industry. The project involves extensive academic and applied research. The projects are evaluated on the basis of continuous assessment done by the supervisor during different stages of the project, final project report and an oral presentation of the report in front of a graduate committee.

Advanced Managerial Skills

The central idea of Advanced Managerial Skills courses is to nurture a series of skills that are required to create value and run successful companies in this era. Advanced Managerial Skills facilitate ‘Learning by Doing’ whereby candidates learn the art and science of effective communication, technological advancement, media insurgency, and successful entrepreneurship. The transition towards the fourth industrial revolution by incorporating cyber-physical systems has created demand for a multitude of individuals who can connect, sustain and develop for a successful outcome. By the end of this rigorous program, students would be able to display high proficiency in industry relevant skills.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Education Background

This pathway is for the candidates having 16 years of business education. They need to complete 33 credit hours in 1.5 years. The other 30 credit hours will be exempted on the basis of their prior business degree. All students entering the MBA program through this pathway must have completed 16 years of education with an undergraduate or graduate degree from a HEC recognized University/ Institution in Business Education. The most eligible qualifications for admissions are:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA Hons).
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom Hons).
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA 16-Years).
  • Master of Commerce (MCom).
  • Master of Science in Accounting & Finance (MSc AF).
  • Associate Cost & Management Accountants (ACMA).
  • Associate Chartered Accountants (ACA).
  • Other relevant equivalent qualifications.
  • The candidate must have passed the relevant degree program, completing 16 years of business education, as per HEC Criteria.
  • Must have passed GRE / GAT (General) with at least 50% score OR the MBA Admission Test conducted by the admissions committee.
  • An equivalence certificate is mandatory from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in case of an equivalent qualification.

Admissions Criteria

  • We welcome any individual who is ready to change (his/her) destiny and be a part of the GIFT’s story of change and service.
  • The GIFT MBA program is looking for people with a keen interest in learning, self-development, motivation to contribute in the socio-economic development of Pakistan and a desire to live a life of meaning and purpose.
  • They must meet the minimum eligibility criteria in order to be considered for admission to the MBA+ Program.
  • Admission is purely merit-based and rests solely on the following criteria:
    • Academic Record (16 years of business education);
    • Performance in the Admission Test;
    • Work Experience (preferred);
    • Two Letters of Recommendation (optional);
    • Completed and Submitted Application Form and Supporting Documents by the stipulated deadline;
    • Interview Performance

    Program Structure for Business Education Background

    Structure No. of Courses Cr. Hrs.
    Duration 1.5 Years 3 Semester
    Core and Elective Courses 8 24
    Industry Project 1 6
    Advanced Managerial Skills 3 3
    Total 12 33