Faisal Rashid

La Trobe University, Australia
+92 (55) 389-2989 Ext. 161


Faisal Rashid has been serving as a lecturer at faculty of management sciences at Gift University since 2018. He has previously taught MBA  students at Institute of business and management, University of engineering and technology, Lahore.  

He completed his bachelor’s in computer sciences from the University of  Central Punjab, Lahore in 2005 and then went to Australia for his  MBA. He completed his MBA in 2007 from La Trobe University and later completed a postgraduate diploma in accounting from  Swinburne University in Melbourne. He started his professional career in 2009 and has almost ten years of professional industry experience in Australia. Before his return to Pakistan in 2018, he was serving as a commercial and industrial analyst for Red Energy, a semi  Australian government organization.  

Faisal Rashid got the exposure of teaching at La Trobe University where he was a tutor for a year. His practical experience has helped him understand how knowledge actually gets converted into practical experience, which has been a part of his teaching methodology.

Teaching Interests

  • Information Systems

Research Interests

  • Information Technology