Dr. Muhammad Kashif Saeed

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Marketing
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
+92 (55) 389-2989 Ext. 165


Dr. Muhammad Kashif Saeed is currently working with GIFT University, Pakistan, as Assistant Professor, GIFT Business School (GBS). He holds 17 years of full-time teaching experience within Pakistan and as a visiting professor in several countries abroad. Dr. Kashif has supervised several applied research projects for national and multinational companies and has also published 65 manuscripts (as per November 2022) in international journals and textbooks. Additionally, he worked as a guest editor for highly reputed journals such as the British Food Journal and the Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration. He is currently serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the South Asian Journal of Marketing. In addition to teaching and research, he is working with Emerald Publishing as Brand Ambassador and has offered more than 60 online and on-site training programmes in countries such as Tunisia, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Morocco. Currently, he is supervising academic and applied research projects from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Teaching Interests

  • Marketing

Research Interests

  • Global Brands
  • Food and Well-being
  • Services Marketing

Selected Publications

  • Kashif, M. Korkmaz, D. T. Rehman, A. Samad, S. Love is not blind: Investigating a love-hate transition among luxury fashion brand consumers. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, IF: 1.706 (accepted for publication)
  • Syed, F. Naseer, S. Akhter, W. Kashif, M. Ali, M. Frogs in Boiling Water: A Moderated-Mediation Model of Exploitative Leadership, Fear ‎of Negative Evaluation and Knowledge Hiding Behaviors. Journal of Knowledge Management, IF: 4.8 (accepted for publication)
  • Kashif, M. Udunuwara, M. Twenty Years of Research in Brand Globalness/Localness: A Systematic Literature Review and Future Research Agenda. Journal of International Consumer Marketing (accepted and online).
  • Ali, R. Kashif, M. The Role of Resonant Leadership, Workplace Friendship and Serving Culture to predict Organizational Commitment: Mediating Role of Compassion at Work. Review of Business Management (IF = 0.875). (accepted for publication).
  • Rehman, A. Kashif, M. 2018. Few glitters are original gold: Strengthening Brand Citizenship through identification, knowledge, and Ownership in a mediating role of brand pride. Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics, 32(3), pp. 747-767 (Impact Factor = 1.2). Accepted.


  • Senior Editor, South Asian Journal of Marketing
  • Associate Editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration